Ananda Hemp Professional CBD products are carried at Community Pharmacy Compounding and Wellness Center.  Ananda Professional takes a homegrown approach to farming with their clean, all-natural growing process. 
100% of their product is grown outdoors in Kentucky soil and processed in the state of Kentucky. 
Once crops are harvested, the raw materials are processed on-site at one of the world’s most sophisticated
state-of-the-art HEMP production facility and laboratory in Kentucky. Because Ananda Professional is a completely vertically-integrated company, they can trace each product lot number to the field in which the hemp grew. They can also determine the date of extraction, the farmer who grew the plant, and the Australian locale from where the seed was propagated. This cutting-edge, multi-continental platform is an industry first.
Ananda Hemp manufacturing is cGMP-compliant which ensures product consistency, purity and potency. Further, Ananda Professional sends each lot of finished product to an independent, accredited third-party laboratory for testing and provides a Certificate of Analysis for each product lot.

Ananda Professional is  the exclusive source of everything they grow, harvest, and sell!