Wayne Foster


Our pharmacy team is led by Pharmacy Manager, Wayne Foster, RPh. Wayne brings over 30 years of retail pharmacy experience, including formerly owning a local independent pharmacy, and joined Boalsburg Apothecary in 2001. Wayne has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in compounding, especially bioidentical hormone replacement therapy and veterinary compounding.

Neil Foster


Owner Neil Foster, RPh also brings over 30 years of pharmacy experience, including previously owning two local independent pharmacies and a local long term care pharmacy. Neil and Kelly Foster purchased the pharmacy in 2012 and Neil is thrilled to get back to his retail roots.

Heather Husted

Heather, Certified Pharmacy Technician, joined the staff in 2009. She brings six years of retail pharmacy technician experience. Heather is our lead compounding pharmacy technician and is dedicated to the art and science of compounding medications for our patients, including pets.

Sharon Fellows

Pharmacy Technician Sharon Fellows joined the Boalsburg Apothecary staff in 2010. Sharon has more than 15 years’ experience in retail and long term care pharmacy settings. Sharon is our trusted lead “out front” pharmacy technician and works closely with our group home clients.

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